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7:43 A.M., Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2004: this is the end, my friend
I realize I haven't updated this since shortl after Errolyn was born, which was about 4 months ago. There's been a reason for it--well, more than one. This is why...

-I have been extraordinarily busy with adjusting to life as a mother. Errolyn keeps me busy, that's for sure! She's my baby girl and I love her to death, but she can be handful, lol.

-I just hadn't felt like writing. I've had this diary for over 2 years, and my life has changed drastically. I mean, I'd gone from being manic and in a horrible relationship to being stable, married, and a mother, finally happy after all these years of searching. But unless you want to hear about how many times I had to change my clothes today due to baby spit-up, I had nothing much to write about.

-I have exes that I *know* still read this (gotta love the invisible stats tracker!)...and I think it's quite sad that those relationships ended a WHILE ago (hell, I've been married for over a year now!) and yet they have nothing better to do than keep tabs on the daily goings-on of their ex-girlfriend. And quite frankly I don't feel they have any business knowing what I'm up to--if I wanted them to know, I'd talk to them on a regular basis. This, however, does not apply to those that are not an ex of mine...I could care less who reads this, unless you're an ex, and then it's just creepy in my opinion. I could care less what they're doing, but they still want to check on me and it's just sad. Have they no life of their own?

So therefore, I think it's time I close the doors on I may open a new diary under a different name, but I haven't decided. And if I do, I'll most likely have it locked, and only certain people will have the info to open it (and it's only ones *I* give it to). So if you've been a regular reader for quite some time, I thank you, and if I like you I'll let you know if I open a new diary.

Until then...auf wiedersehen.

<~I will love you~>
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